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Infinite Dimensions is an original character based roleplay forum where an Infinite Number of Stories can happen.
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 Welcome to Infinite Dimensions-Rules

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PostSubject: Welcome to Infinite Dimensions-Rules   Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:03 pm

welcome everyone to Infinite Dimensions, if you haven't noticed this is the rules section, where i will be explaining what you can and cant to so to start:

No thread hijacking.
No off-topic or thread camping.
No trolling, flaming, or harassment.
No double, triple, quad posting, commonly known as chain-posting.
No general chat in a role play thread. Keep it on topic, and to the topic of the role play discussion.
Absolutely no god-modding.
No Cybering.
Do not plagiarize/copy other peoples posted content.
Follow the posting format set within a thread.
Take note of how many people are participating in a roleplay thread. It is very possible that they do not want additional people joining in.
Methods of joining; some RP sessions may be limited to a select amount of people!
Type of character placement; In, out, what are you?!
Thread GM Abandonment.
I have a question about a RP thread, should i post in the RP thread?

Extended Explanation of the rules listed above.

Thread hijacking: This is the course of using a thread to your advantage of injecting off-topic material(s), posting unwarranted content, posting items that are meant to off-set a roleplay discussion.
Off-topic: Off-topic in the role play forums is deemed as posts or topics that do not adhere to these rules or the rules set forth in a role play discussion thread.
Thread camping: Thread camping is the act of replying to a new reply moments after a previous reply was posted, be it actual role play or off-topic. Do not hoard the story.
Trolling, Flaming, Harassment: If a post or topic is deemed to include any of these three types of content, it will be removed and persons forum accounts moderated.
Chain-posting: If you cannot get your role play text into one post, please consider condensing your content. Posts that exceed the maximum post limit per post is very rare, and often times is seen as off-topic, spamming or being a useless "wall of text".
General chatting in role play threads: This adds useless discussion to a role play thread. It will commonly make it difficult for forum users to follow along in a role play thread. Discussions irrelevant to a role play will be removed. Off-topic / general chatter discussions should be done in a new thread, relating or linking to the current role play thread that it has originated from.
God-modding: Everyone dies at some point, your role play character(s) should not be in "god mode". Your character should not be in control of other characters. An in depth meaning of what god-modding is, can be found here and here.
Cybering: Frontier forums is not a match-making/love-service forum. Any acts of cybering, or material within this forum that exceeds PEGI-12/PG-13 levels will be removed.
Plagiarism: This is the act of copying another person's creation, by either in whole or part to a) make a spin off, b) harass/troll, c) a repost. Plagiarism on this forum will result in removal of the plagiarized content.
RP Posting formats: Each role play topic may have custom rules, guidelines and limitations. Please respect those items when posting within a role play thread. Items found to not be in the spirit of the role play thread will be removed.
Character placement: In the original topic title or within the thread original post, a requirement is the type of character you'll be role playing in. In Character, Out of Character, and so on. This is required in the topic as IC, OOC, OCC, and so forth. If a prefix is not selected for the thread title, please denote the type of character in the post text!
Thread GM Abandonment: If a thread GM or the OP of a thread abandons their role play thread, notify a moderator immediately. Abandoned role play threads normally end up as off-topic, and will end up being closed to further discussion. If the thread OP or GM will be gone for an extended period of time, such notification will need to be posted in the OP of the thread or a reply to the RP thread stating so in proper character format. In addition, if permission if granted by a GM or thread OP for character control-rights to be given to another user on the forums, that is permitted.
I have a question about a RP thread, should I post in the RP thread? No. Do not post in the RP thread, private message the GM or OP of the thread.

I hope this covers the basics. have a nice day!
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Welcome to Infinite Dimensions-Rules
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