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 Here We Go Again! Episode 3

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Tracy Sketch


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PostSubject: Here We Go Again! Episode 3   Sat Jul 18, 2015 12:25 am

Name: Black Leg Tracy
Race: Human
Age [21]
Hair Color: Jet Black
Hair Size: Short (Like Adult Gohan's Hair)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5ft 11"
Body Type: Muscular, Yet Skinny
Dress [Often]: Suit & Tie (Dress Pants And Shoes)
Dress [Relaxed]: Collared Shirt & Shorts

HomePlanet: Earth
Backstory: [PRE ALABASTA ARC] Born On An Small Island Off The Main Land Of Alabasta. The Name Of The Island Was Silver Peak Island; The Island Use To Be A Good Source Of Fresh Water Due There Being A Large Lake On The Island, But That All Changed When Crocodile Drain All Of The Water From The Island, Then Sending His Henchmen, Namely Mr. 5 And Miss Valentine, To Destroy Any Form Of Transportation And Communication In Order For Crocodile's Evil Deeds Not To Get Out In The Main Land. Leaving Silver Peaks In Complete Disaster, With No Source Of Water Or Communication To The Main Land, Silver Peaks Was In Complete Chaos. At The Time I Was Only Seven And Trying To Survive In The Condition As More Than A Thousand Others, Is In Above Itself It's Own Apocalypse; As Everyone Fought For The Last Of Island's Resources But The Constant Fight For Resources Were More Violence On Ground Level, While The People Willing Share And Find New Resources Went To Climb The Extremely Cold Silver Peak Mountains, To Many This Would Seem Like The Most Stupid Idea Ever, But It Was The Only Solution As The Legend Says Has It That Montblanc Jaylando Built A Series Of Arcs Big Enough To Fit 5 People Each In Order To Escape The Island At Anytime From The World Government In Case They Wanted To Take Back The Alabasta Kingdom. This Is Where My Story Begins; As My House Was Being Raided By Hunters, My Parents Held Them Off And Told Me To Head To The Mountains And Get To One Of The Arcs And Get To Somewhere Safe As Ran Out Of The House As Far As Could, Not Looking Back And Tears In My Eyes, As I Got To The Silver Peak Trail Avoiding Any Major Roads. I Looked Back And Saw What Use To Be My Home Now Is A Wasteland Engulfed In Hate, I As Well As Anyone New My Parents Are Dead, But I Won't Let Their Sacrifice Be For Not! So I Started My Journey Up The Mountain [Look, This Story Is Long As Is So Listen Up I'll Spare You The Details] The Journey Up The Mountain Was Harsh And Grueling But I Made It With The Last Of My Strength I Got One Of The Arcs. The One I Got On Was Named Drum Island Then I Noticed That All Of The Boats Were Pointing In Different Directions Corresponding To The Island They Were Named After, But How Were They Supposed To Get There. Then I Noticed A Shell (Speech Dial) And I Pressed It Said "You Better Hold On To Something!"
Which Then Activated Two Huge Shells (Rocket Dials) Attached To Each Side Of The Arc, They Started to Countdown, Then Quickly I Tied Myself Down To The Ship. Then The Ship Took Off As Quick As That I Was In The Air, Flying! As I Headed To Drum Island..... WAIT! HOW IS THIS THING GOING TO LAND! That Question Blew Adrenaline Into My Blood Giving Me A Boost Of Energy As Look As The Arc Rapidly Approach Drum Island Only To Land In The Freezing Cold Water. The Ship Broke Apart As It Landed In Water And I Was Being Dragged To The Bottom Of The Sea, Since The Shear Impact Knocked Me Unconscious. Then About Four Hours Later I Was Woken Up By Doctors [Again I Will Spare You The Details] I Was Save By The Doctors So Since I Had Nowhere To Go I Stayed In Drum Island For Ten Years Studying Medicine And Training With Dolton [10 Year Time Skip] Dolton Kept Telling Me Stories About The Legendary Straw Hat Pirates And How They Saved Drum Island From Wapol When I Was Away But Out Of All The Straw Hats, Black Leg Sanji Caught My Attention. So I Gave My Thanks And Farewells The People Of Drum Island And Head To The Direction Of The Straw Hats [Sparing Details] Basically I Ended Up Finding Sanji In Okama Island And He Explained That The Whole Straw Hat Crew Was Separated And He Needs To Train In Order To Get Stronger, So I Told Him I Can Help Him Get Stronger If He Can Teach Me The The Black Leg Style [Two Year Time Skip] I Left Sanji On Sabody Archipelago In Order For Him To Rejoin The Rest Of The Straw Hats But, Before He Left He Gave Me A Present, So I Opened it, And It Was A Shotgun. I Left The Port And Now Decided To Join The Revolutionaries In Their Fight To Take Down The Evils Of The World Government!

Occupation: Revolutionary And Doctor
-Shotgun Rain [Giant Blast Of Shotgun Shells, Like Rain]
-Bison Kick [Straight Kick As Powerful As A Bison's Charge]
-Healing Palm [Healing By Using My Palm To Send Energy]

-Jet Dial
-Said Medical Items

Quote: "Never Look Down On Someone, Unless You're Helping Them Up"
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Here We Go Again! Episode 3
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