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 Whisky Rolf and the Quest for Perfect Booze!

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PostSubject: Whisky Rolf and the Quest for Perfect Booze!   Sun Jul 19, 2015 10:05 pm

Name: Whisky Rolf

Race: Human

Age: 17

Appearance: 6ft, 170 pounds.  Lean and muscled but not overly built, somewhat lanky.  Wears a rattan cowboy hat, loose fitting white button up shit, blue jean shorts, and flip-flops.  Wears aviator sunglasses when hungover.  Has short brown hair, usually messy and uncombed.  Tan skin, slightly sunburned.

Home Planet: Earth

Backstory:  On a quest for immortality an ancient wizard created a potion that would enable him to live forever, but the gods were infuriated with his arrogance and so cursed the immortality potion, turning it into the most potent alcohol in the known universe.  When the wizard imbibed the elixir it burned out his magical essence stripping him of all his knowledge and abilities.  Any mana he once had was taken away forever.  And of course being a godlike alcohol it made him blackout almost instantly, sinking him into a drunken stupor from which he would not awaken for thousands of years.  And how did he survive those thousands of years?  While the gods did change the consistency of the potion they did not change its effects… instead of living eternally the wizard would constantly de-age and grow until the age of twenty-five at which time he would revert to that of an infant.  The god responsible for the creation of the alcohol took pity on the wizard and took him unto its care during his endless coma for while the wizard would age eternally, he could still die.
Eventually the wizard awoke at the age of five with one hell of a hangover that lasted for about a decade.  Finally coming to his senses at the age of fifteen he looked around and noticed he was living in a hut with an old man in a raggedy gray robe who unbeknownst to him was the god who took pity on him.  The old man took the boy under his tutelage teaching him basic combat techniques and defensive maneuvers.  Eventually the old god revealed the boys true origin and in good spirt told him how to reacquire his ancient power.  Apparently all the boy had to do was recreate the perfect alcohol that he was tricked into drinking, upon creating the drink the god promised to restore his memory along with his magical essence.  The god told the boy that while his mana had been lost the trace amounts of divine alcohol still in his blood was powerful enough to power any spell he was able to learn; with a catch, he had to be inebriated in order to cast magic.

Upon departing the old gods company he was gifted with five things.  The first two were spells, one which allowed him teleport to a new world at the age of 24, and a charm spell that was automatically cast once he became an infant, which insured he would be found and cared for until he came of age.  The Old God also gave the boy three items, the first being an excellent Bo staff crafted by the god himself.  The second was an enchanted sake jug which once filled never ran out of alcohol.  The final “gift” was an ethereal familiar who was the wizard’s former majordomo who would now accompany his old master on his quest to craft the perfect booze and reclaim his former power.

Occupation: Wizard, specializes in alcohol magic.

1. Inebriation:  Sustained ability needed to cast spells, higher the inebriation the more powerful the spell.  Also causes an increase in physical ability, strength, speed, and reflexes.  Reduces coordination and accuracy.  Three levels, over level three results in a blackout, making him useless in battle.

2. Whiskey Shot:  Fires a potent amount of alcohol at target dousing them in whiskey and getting them drunk while briefly stunning them.  Also makes target flammable.  Effectiveness decays after level 1.

3. Drunken Bo Staff Technique:  Allows for various combat moves with Bo Staff while under the effects of Inebriation.  Effectiveness increases at Inebriation level 2 and 3 but only because he is too drunk to realize how dangerously stupid his moves are.

1. Enchanted Sake Jug that never runs out of booze.
2. Bo Staff with no apparent otherworldly abilities.  Used to focus his magic.
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Whisky Rolf and the Quest for Perfect Booze!
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